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HART is dedicated to empowering individuals

with special needs through equine-assisted activities. 

​​​HART Equine Therapy Center, Inc.

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Volunteers make a difference in the lives of the others every day. 

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Our students and horses are at the center of our program; we could not thrive without either.


HART Equine Therapy Center, Inc. has events every month to fundraise for students and horses who participate in the program. 

Therapeutic Riding

Therapeutic riding provides health benefits, social, educational, and recreational opportunities for individuals with special needs. 

HART Equine Therapy Center, Inc. was founded in December 2013 as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization to provide equine-assisted activities for individuals of all ages and economic status that are overcoming a challenge, have special needs, or at risk.  Students will engage with horses in activities such as therapeutic horseback riding lessons, grooming, and groundwork. These activities provide socialization for all and offers opportunities for volunteers.

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